Today was a good day!

Today was a good day because I set out to do everything on my to-do list! Well everything but one, I couldn’t sneak an hour of studying at my work. When I came home I studied for only an hour, which, granted is not enough, but is still something. This morning when I woke up, I did my little exercise and it did somewhat wake me up. And I already know what clothes that I’m wearing for work tomorrow. I’m going to continue doing my planned tasks that are on my schedule for the week. I think that by gaining that habit, I can easily do more from it. For example, I could only study one hour today (I cannot focus longer than that without taking breaks but it’s already late and bedtime is around the corner) but by Saturday I know for a fact that not only will I study for more than an hour, but also I’ll see studying as part of my chore, as something that I know I have to do and will do. This excites me! I feel one step closer toward my goal!