The cha-cha-cha!

Happy Good Friday!

Here’s my update for the week. This week did not turn out how I had planned it: have not been studying or doing my little morning routine. I suffer from insomnia and I felt its evil presence this week. I describe my insomnia as continuous yet cyclical, meaning that I always have it but some days are more pronounced than others. I go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 7 am, that’s 9 hours; however, just because I go to bed at 10 doesn’t mean that I go to sleep at 10. Most nights I either stay awake until midnight or go to sleep immediately and wake up through out the night, or wake up 4 hours later. When I don’t sleep for one night I’m more or less okay, but when I don’t sleep for continuous nights I cannot focus, I get agitated and anxious and my migraine slowly builds up for an attack. When I get migraines, it starts with my left eye and goes from my eye to the back of my left ear (when there’s a weather change, it starts from my nose, goes to my left eye and then goes behind my left ear). So when I have migraines, I can’t read. I take Excedrin Migraine for my migraines because that’s the only thing that helps. My recovery process has two steps: I have to first recover from the migraine, and secondly recover from the Excedrin. Excedrin kills my body: I get lethargic, drowsy, dry mouth, just plain slow and sick.

Just because I had a bad week, doesn’t mean that next week will be the same. It does get better and I will try my best to make it better. I have lived half of my life thinking that a bad day equals a bad life, or if it didn’t happen that way then it wasn’t meant to be. My new motto and mantra is to try your hardest and if it didn’t work out, at least you tried. It might not necessarily be that it wasn’t meant to be, it might be that it wasn’t meant to be that time, but it was for a later time.

On a more positive note I’m going to the library tomorrow to study all day! I’m a nerd, I just adore libraries, book stores and books! What can I say? I’m a bibliophile! 

For those of you reading this, thank you.