One of the things on my to-do list was to start my nightly walks. As stated in my previous post, I just love walking at night. I think better. However, tonight was different. For some reason, all of my senses were on edge: I could hear everything, see everything, most importantly feel everything. I have walked by myself in the past and never experienced anything like this. As I walked, I could hear the wind moving the leaves on the trees, could clearly see the crescent moon and its shaded side; but it was my skin, I could feel every particle in my body when the wind hit me. For those of you thinking that I’m on some kind of medicine or illegal substance, I’m not. The only high that I’m on now is from the walk.

As I am feeling all this, I wished that life could be easy and every question answered. Then it hit me, or maybe the wind whispered it to me, all questions are answered. All questions are answered, all answers have questions. The problem is that of perspective: we might not like the answer, we might not want the answer or we might not be ready for the answer. A lot of people fall in the first category: not liking the answer. I fall into that category because it usually means a lot of effort and work. For example: the exam that I’m studying for is not hard, I fear it because I’m not putting the effort necessary to see it as a simple exam. Secondly, a lot of people might not want the answer but want to stay in denial. Believe it or not, some people see denial as a warm blanket that can and will protect them. Finally a lot of people may not be ready for the answer because they are not “there” yet. They might not yet have realized that a question was asked or the importance of that question. Either way the answers are there staring at us.

Tonight I had stated that life should be easier. So the question asked was how can I make my life easier and that’s when all of the answers hit me at once. Those answers started the outline of the definition of my person. Of course a list popped in my head.

1) Push yourself a little harder. Not to hard because you wont be able to handle to hard. Just a little more.

2) I want tot ry to become a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat but I do eat seafood. I’m going to stop eating seafood for a month, add more vegetables and fruits to my diet. Let’s see how I feel!

3) Re-channel my aggressiveness. If I am to be honest with myself, I am a very aggressive person and to be franc I love that about me! However, I need to try to channel more if it into what I want to accomplish, i.e. studying, exercising, praying and so on.

4) Continue my daily walks of course!

5) Continue with the way I’ve been studying and sooner or later I will pass that test!

6) Face all of the answers. There is a reason why you asked questions. Since you asked search for the answer and accept it. I hear people all the time saying that they prayed and God didn’t answer them. God did answer them actually but they just didn’t like the answer. God answered my prayers for the test, I didn’t like it but I had to toughen up and do what I had to do. Remember: an answer may have alternate solutions, i.e. that there is one answer but different ways to apply the solution. For example the answer to my test is to study, but how do I study? I have to do a game plan, divide my load and so on. The answer is there, but there are different methods of application.

This is my May list. My May list came from an epiphany initiated by my 45 minute nightly walk.