Today was a good day!

Today was a good day because I set out to do everything on my to-do list! Well everything but one, I couldn’t sneak an hour of studying at my work. When I came home I studied for only an hour, which, granted is not enough, but is still something. This morning when I woke up, I did my little exercise and it did somewhat wake me up. And I already know what clothes that I’m wearing for work tomorrow. I’m going to continue doing my planned tasks that are on my schedule for the week. I think that by gaining that habit, I can easily do more from it. For example, I could only study one hour today (I cannot focus longer than that without taking breaks but it’s already late and bedtime is around the corner) but by Saturday I know for a fact that not only will I study for more than an hour, but also I’ll see studying as part of my chore, as something that I know I have to do and will do. This excites me! I feel one step closer toward my goal!


My weekly shedule

My weekly shedule

This will be my schedule for the week of April 14. I want to start the day with some exercise to wake me up and give me some energy. I will try my hardest to accomplish this. I know those of you reading this might think that I will have time to do all of it: I can just come home after work, eat exercise and study, or even do more. But the problem is being an insomniac and a migraine sufferer, I have to go to bed every night at the same time so my body can get used to my sleeping schedule. By pushing my sleeping schedule, there is a huge possibility that I will not get enough sleep, which in turn will trigger my migraines. The realization that I have limits ironically shows me that I’m limitless if/when I can just successfully manage my time.

If you are reading this, please feel free to leave me comments or questions. If you’re reading this and are going through the same thing, know that you’re not alone and change does exist.

Four months into the New Year…

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written that I had forgotten the name of my own blog! Sad yet hilarious! So why am I back? The thought of reinstating my blog came up when I was interviewed by my cousin for a class project. She asked me if I could choose one word to describe myself what would it be? Without hesitating, I responded changeable. My life is changeable. I’m a work in progress: I’m always taking two steps forward and five steps back, experimenting to see if this will work for me and if not then I’ll try that. Honestly, I didn’t forget about the blog, I was ashamed of it. Ashamed of not accomplishing what I set out to do; please understand that I said accomplishing, not failing. Failing means trying and not succeeding, whereas not accomplishing means giving up mid-way. I have this awful habit of never finishing what I started and I only became like this in my adult life. As a child, stress was a rush for me. I would start multiple projects at once for the stress of it but finished them at the designated deadlines nonetheless. Finishing what I started, as a child, gave me a sense of satisfaction, a sense of well-being, a sense of victory. I am trying to go back to that state of mind, not necessarily beginning multiple tasks at once, but finishing a started task. The simple truth is I’ve become lazy, complacent, boring (granted the term “boring” is very subjective). Whenever I would start something, I would talk myself out of it thinking I’d have time to do it later, or I’ll do it some other time, and eventually I either forget to do it or completely loose interest. I need to change this form of plateau, I need to fight this life or death situation. Yes, it is life or death because of you remain immobile your entire life, you’re no longer living but existing, if you’re not creating change or making an impact, you might as well be dead.

This is in a sense my awakening. My goal for today is to figure out what my chores for the week will be and organize them. Once that’s figured out, I’m going to post my schedule and update every time I’m done with a chore. This will be my form of accountability. 



Art is art: different format, different medium, but its essence remains the same as in the most subjective interpretation of objectivity or a concrete representation of relative abstraction. I have decided since I am undecided on whether to start with painting or poetry, I will do both to begin with, as some of you had suggested, and work my way to separate them. 

Asian culture has always been mesmerizing to me be it Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or even Thai. Yes, I do know that term “culture” is very vague and broad since it is composed of so many elements, so I’ll narrow down my areas of mesmerism for a better understanding: dance, painting, sculpture, poetry, religion, language, music, history, politics. I don’t know if the reason for my fascination is due to seeing Asia through the lenses of a westerner, Asian being an unknown and foreign land, or maybe my spirit is the reincarnation of a Confucius follower.

I realized that the best way to commemorate the begin of this journey is with a Chinese calligraphy. The saying is that making a decision is always the first step toward the goal, I positively say that this is true. After knowing what I wanted to do, I then went to Michael’s to get my supplies. Purchasing items is easy; however, purchasing the correct items is another thing. My great-aunt, who happens to be an artist, told me something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life: brushes are not created equal. Due to this, my great-aunt will assist me in getting the proper supplies, but I still started with what I had. Instead of starting on the 7th like I said, I started on the 1st parce que j’ai voulu battre le fer quand il etait chaud!  I know that the level of difficulty for making this is very low, but I just wanted to test the water before diving in.

My real work will start this Sunday, the 7th, with my great-aunt going to the store with me and also finding the correct poem that will move my imagination enough to be able to interpret it on a canvas.


 I sketched on normal paper first because honetly I didn’t know how to start.

Sketching on Canvas

 Since I felt okay with the normal paper, I then sketched on the cotton canvas.


 I continued on the paper by painting. Yes I know it is two different mediums, but I was too scared to do it directly on the canvas.

Painting on Canvas

 This is the final product: I painted on the canvas.

Lessons learned:
1) When using Acrylic paint, do not add a lot of water, jut small enough to keep the paint from drying. The fact that I added to much water seriously made the paint watery, and with the canvas being made from cotton it not only absorbed the paint but also expanded it while absorbing!
2) Using the right brush is a MUST! This brush made my lines wider than I needed them to be.


The Beginning of a Journey

This is Lorraine and I have officially entered the world of Blogging!

Now you must be asking yourself what is “female polymath”: it means a renaissance woman. I have always admired people who are talented in both the arts and hardcore sciences because it has always been my observation that if you were good in one, then you had to be horrible in the other. That is the law of Nature, but obviously that rule has been nullified.

Most Polymaths are men, I could find only two women who were seen as polymaths: Maria Gaetana Agnesi and Trotula of Salerno. Maria was a linguist [fluent in Italian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish by the age of thirteen], philosopher, and mathematician. Trotula was a physician, obstetrician, gynecologist, medical teacher, writer, health planner, and experimenter. I find that completely fascinating!

This makes me wonder can people force themselves to be good at something that they have no experience in? Since I have always wanted to be a Renaissance Woman, I want to test that. I want to transform myself every two months. Start the transformation the 7th of the month, keep it up for two months, and take a break until the following 7th. Why the number 7? Well, I like the number 7!

August 7th will be the start and I have decided to start with the arts. Poetry or Painting, that is the question.

Comments anyone?