My weekly shedule

My weekly shedule

This will be my schedule for the week of April 14. I want to start the day with some exercise to wake me up and give me some energy. I will try my hardest to accomplish this. I know those of you reading this might think that I will have time to do all of it: I can just come home after work, eat exercise and study, or even do more. But the problem is being an insomniac and a migraine sufferer, I have to go to bed every night at the same time so my body can get used to my sleeping schedule. By pushing my sleeping schedule, there is a huge possibility that I will not get enough sleep, which in turn will trigger my migraines. The realization that I have limits ironically shows me that I’m limitless if/when I can just successfully manage my time.

If you are reading this, please feel free to leave me comments or questions. If you’re reading this and are going through the same thing, know that you’re not alone and change does exist.


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