The Beginning of a Journey

This is Lorraine and I have officially entered the world of Blogging!

Now you must be asking yourself what is “female polymath”: it means a renaissance woman. I have always admired people who are talented in both the arts and hardcore sciences because it has always been my observation that if you were good in one, then you had to be horrible in the other. That is the law of Nature, but obviously that rule has been nullified.

Most Polymaths are men, I could find only two women who were seen as polymaths: Maria Gaetana Agnesi and Trotula of Salerno. Maria was a linguist [fluent in Italian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish by the age of thirteen], philosopher, and mathematician. Trotula was a physician, obstetrician, gynecologist, medical teacher, writer, health planner, and experimenter. I find that completely fascinating!

This makes me wonder can people force themselves to be good at something that they have no experience in? Since I have always wanted to be a Renaissance Woman, I want to test that. I want to transform myself every two months. Start the transformation the 7th of the month, keep it up for two months, and take a break until the following 7th. Why the number 7? Well, I like the number 7!

August 7th will be the start and I have decided to start with the arts. Poetry or Painting, that is the question.

Comments anyone?


14 comments on “The Beginning of a Journey

  1. So exciting Lorraine!!! I can’t wait to follow your transformation. What are your ideas for your first wave? Learning a new language, take an art or dance class?

  2. Karen says:

    Have you considered both…poetry as you paint…or paint as you write your poetry…or writing as poetry…a caligraphy of sorts.

  3. CrissieC says:

    I think you should paint something… and then on SEPTEMBER 7th write a poem about the painting you did… 😛

    Emma can help, she finger paints now… ♥

  4. Tanyalee says:

    You could read a poem that inspires you and paint your inspiration. Use the poem as your muse! Or switch it around. Write a poem based on artwork you find intriguing!!!

    • Tanyalee says:

      Two of my favorite poems are Annabel Lee by Poe and When I Am Dead My Dearest by Rosetti. They are very simplistic and I’m not sure why I like them, but if I was going to paint a poem, these are two I would consider.

  5. Wayne Monte says:

    You are as usual a fantastic person with amazing talents. I know you can do anything you put your mind to and trust me you will make a lasting impression in anyone’s life. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we wait breathlessly for you to inspire us.

  6. corinna says:

    Hello Lorr

    Congratulations on your first blog posts, brave and interesting to read. Well done.
    I also like the idea of poetry and painting together, one slipping into the other but dont forget to allow ‘you’ to slip through your hand and into the the work you make. There is much to be said for starting out with the subconscious when first ‘making’.

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